OB DX sample pack for Akai s20 / remix 16 / remix88

Original sample collection for Akai S20 remix 88 and remix 16
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Famous digital drum from the eighties.
All percussions sounds sampled with Akai S20; we do also provide converted 16 bits wave file at original 33 kHz (mono).


★ IMG disk + HFE images files (for gotek usb emulator) with 13 sounds already mapped on pad and midi

★ 13 converted .WAV files at 16 bits (33kHz)

★ NOTE: demo contains a little bass sampleded and a synth stab to spice up the beats (both not included)

⚡ Tested on remix16 and S20 with basic ram (4mb+ram recommanded).
⚡ If you're not how to handle GOTEK IMAGES please vist our FAQ on our website. You can also download some free test demo on our freebies section to be sure.
⚡ Attention S01 user! although compatible, the s01 is able to load only first 8 sounds. You can load others manually.

⚛ SIZE: 3 mega (compressed)


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★Check out our main website (for all kind of samples for all machines and daw):


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OB DX sample pack for Akai s20 / remix 16 / remix88

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